Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I Don't Read More

This is what my house looks like when I'm in the middle of a good book.  School lunch boxes left out all weekend, flowers that are loosing the their petals and need to go out, eating at Peter Piper Pizza... that is a whole other story.  Yes, I picked up The Hunger Games.

Fortunately the chore chart system has really been working so Monday the girls and I blitzed the house in one hour, my sanity returned then I was right back on the couch reading the second book in the series.  I told myself that I would not pick up the third until after I went to the grocery store.

What was that about Peter Piper Pizza, you ask.  Ava and Erin had back to back parties there on Sunday so we were there from 11:00 until 3:30.  I got to spend the day nearly being run over by Girl Scouts, soccer teams and kids from around 20 birthday parties.  Sounds like a nightmare but I did my best to enjoy spending the time with my girls.

No game or prize could compete with 'the ride'  Ava got to ride alone but Erin needed to ride with an adult so I got to spin around in with the lights and the loud music about four times.  Honestly, I can't say it was all that bad.  The delight on their faces got me on 'the ride' four times.  I was there about 2, okay 3 hours, more than I would have liked but we did have a good time.  I don't think I'll need to go back for awhile.

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Julie A said...

I could have written this... I was in the middle of a book over the weekend and was reading on the couch next to the giant pile of laundry that should have been folded. But who can fold when there are books to read??? :) Enjoy the Hunger Games!!


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