Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Tea Party

I was beginning to think that maybe my girls were getting to big for tea parties.  When they mentioned having on the other day I must admit I was not all that fired up about it.  A tea party?  Really?  I was just thinking about all the work it takes to set up and put away for 10 minutes of "oh how cute".

But then I thought, hey why don't you do it.  (Novel idea, I know)

Usually I make plates of little sandwiches with fruit and something sweet.  This time they did it all on their own.  Well, not completely on their own.  Once I saw they were into it I got into it too and decided to make cookies.

I bought a box of sugar cookie mix at Costco for Christmas and now I'm down to 4 more batches.  Luckily they are not my favorite so I'm not to tempted to eat all the leftovers.

But how can you not love fun shaped food like squirrels and hedgehogs and clouds?

So we had another successful tea party, crown and all.  And something tells me that this will not be our last one.  A that makes me happy.

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