Monday, October 10, 2011

KCWC: Day 1

I'm taking a different approach this year to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  Practical.  The past couple of times I participated I went all out with tons of clothes and new (to me) techniques.  This time around I really want to just focus on what they need.  Plus they've got to want to wear it.

Today was easy.  Erin has this cute gap t-shirt that she loves but it is getting too little.  Target t-shirt to the rescue.  I used some Heat-n-Bond Lite to make the applique then stitched around the edges. 

I'm so happy because a) it is cute b) I know she'll wear it c) it took me less than 1 hour.  The less than 1 hour part was important because I had other projects I wanted to accomplish today in addition to sewing.


I'm on my fall break this week so I thought I make some extra meals for the freezer.  Ground beef was on sale so I tripled this recipe from (minus the onion, I didn't have any).  Three pounds made about 30 tennis ball sized meatballs (plus the one that I ate).  I'm going to add them to this red sauce that I made last week.  Nothing fancy, but again, practical. 

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