Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spa Day

I have been totally pampered lately.  In addition to my shopping and endless birthday hugs from my girls I also treated myself to a day at the spa.

Not just any spa but...

If you are from Tucson or ever watched Oprah you may have heard of Miraval.

This is a beautiful, top-rated spa just outside of Tucson.  Although it was a roasty 105 on the day I went with all the shade, pools and waterfalls I was unaware of the heat.

I tried my best to keep my busy life out of my mind and focus on relaxing.  It was not hard at all.

The whole day was like a dream but the highlights for me were relaxing by the pool, Splash class (like a water zumba), the hot tub and of course a delicious, healthy gourmet lunch.

I couldn't leave out my a-ma-zing message now could I.


Oh it was wonderful.

People pay thousands of dollars and come from all over the world to stay here but I found a deal on Living Social 6 months ago that let me stay here for the day for $150.  Sweet!  Worth every penny.  I would jump on the chance to come back in an instant.

Do you use sites like Living Social and Groupon?  What is the best deal you've gotten?

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Leah said...

You lucky duck! Looks fabulous, I'm sure you had a wonderful time and savored every relaxing moment... In general, I have mixed feelings about Groupon mainly because a small business owner friend had a terrible experience that nearly put her out of business. I try to only buy them for services rather than products or restaurants because the margins are smaller there. My best Groupon purchases this year have been laser hair removal (yay for no more shaving or waxing!) and a month of yoga at a new yoga studio. The best part about the yoga groupon was that the owner extended the pricing for everyone who bought the groupon, so for $50/month, I have been practicing unlimited yoga for the last 4 months or so... Best investment I've made for myself in a long time.


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