Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cooking Lesson

First of all what an awesome opportunity to snap a pic with my kid for this weeks Embrace the Camera.  I'm so glad I it.  Not the best pic but this I want us both to remember it.

This afternoon started with dropping Erin off at a play date.  I had a errands to run but the girls like to do something 'special' when they have me to themselves.  Grocery shopping was at the top of my list and shockingly Ava was excited about it.  She took charge of that cart and bagged all the produce with cute little knots.  I wanted to make a veggie lasagna for lunch the next day and she was eager to help.

Now normally this kid could care less about food (can you tell?) but before I could wash my hands she had fished out the chef hat Erin wore for Halloween three years ago.

Don't you love looking inside other peoples refrigerators.  Our stables, milk, cheese, tortillas. 

So this girl and I made a lasagna for my friends.  It is a delicious recipe by Martha by the way (here).  I'm sure I've linked to it before.  In fact I think it's time to go through her recipes and pick out some more to try.

Do your kids like to cook with you?  Got any favorite recipes to share?


Jessa said...

What fun! I love the aprons!

julie A. said...

I love this! Ava looks so cute in her chef's hat.

Anonymous said...

My older daughter just wants me to teach her little things and then cooks it over and over for weeks. My younger one only wants to help if it doesn't involve any of the ingredients doesn't like. Though it's often quicker to cook it yourself (or am I just speaking for myself?) it's nice to slow down and pass on our awesome cooking skills every once in a while. How are they going to feed us when we get old if we don't teach them?

Leah said...

My knife/sword-loving 4 year old LOVES to help in the kitchen. It's terrifying to see him with the biggest knife he can find, chopping carrots at the counter. Shockingly, he does very well and hasn't drawn blood. Yet. His favorite dinners to help with are soups and stews, he will cut every single veggie that goes into the pot! I have to do a lot of deep breathing those days... Wish he liked to stir as much as he likes to chop. :)


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