Saturday, July 9, 2011

Water Park

 Yesterday we spent the day at the water park with friends from Girl Scouts.  This year the 4th grade troop has decided to have a parent run troop and this was our first adventure.  It is going to be tough to beat.

They braved the slides, swam in the waves, played mermaids, laughed, ate pizza and ice cream while the parents chatted about summer plans and reapplied sunscreen.

 We did absolutely nothing but play 

I'm so glad we included siblings.  How could we not.  These will be treasured childhood memories for sure.  

We packed it up just before 5:00 then came straight home to showers, easy grill cheese sandwiches and an early bed time.  When is the last time you visited a water park?

  • water slides
  • ice cream in waffle cones
  • the relief of shade and soft grass when you are walking on hot sidewalks.
  • seeing school friends in the middle of summer
  • brown shoulders


While we are talking water play I'd like to mention an Aquatic Awareness event I'll be attending next Saturday.  This CPR class is hosted by Becca of Our Crazy Boys.  A group of Tucson bloggers, friends and family will be reminded about the importance of water safety and learn skills to help save lives.  Check out her blog or leave me a comment if you are interested in attending.

By the way, I'm back to uploading photos in blogger instead of coping URL links.  My photos were crazy large and I could not get them centered.  If you have any tips it would be greatly appreciated.

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