Friday, June 24, 2011

So It's Friday?

I finally sat down to blog and after clicking over to Soule Mama I realized that today is Friday.  I often join in on her single photo, no words post on Fridays but I have some catching up to do.

I had hoped to start and finish that green scarf on our trip to California but about 4 inches in I decided that it was too wide and I'd rather have it more narrow and longer in length.  I put it back in my bag and worked on my sweater instead.  Slowly but surely it's coming along.

I have plenty of time for knitting but I get easily distracted by new projects like beaded bracelets.  After all those bracelets I made for Craft Hope I'm just now getting the hang of it.  These trendy wrap bracelets are fun to make and I love the instant gratification.  You don't get that when knitting a sweater.

I also made more chevron bracelets.  Now I just need a girls weekend so I can share my friendship bracelets. 

People sometimes ask me how I have time to do all this crafty stuff.  The thing is my girls are just like me only with paper, markers and tape.  Here is just a small part of a farm they made for their Littlest Pet Shops.  It had apple trees, orange trees, corn stocks, grape vines, pumpkins and melons all with removable taped of fruit.  They then set up a little farmers market  where cute little cats and dogs could go shopping.  This market was of course just a small part of their town named Mulberry Village.  They had houses, a town square and a school with blackboards.  I just love the details they bring into their play.  Next time I'll take more pictures.  I'm pretty sure there will be a next time.

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LoriAngela said...

I miss that fun crafting with little kids. My daughter is 18 now and was scheduled to be the craft leader at camp (so exciting) but now has to do games, which is her father's forte.
No markers and glue, but we knit together.


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