Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small projects

 Small project #1

So here is my version of a grown-up beaded friendship bracelet.  These wrap bracelets can be pretty pricy but I saw this great tutorial via Pintrest so I gave it a shot.  Or, I'm giving it a shot I suppose because it's not finished yet.  But so far so good.  This trial one is for me but I think these would make really nice gifts for friends.  Normally I'm not a jewelry maker but I'm comfortable with a needle and thread so this was a good project for me.  In case you are a jewelry maker you may have noticed I am not using a beading board.  I'm really not looking to add more "stuff" to my craft room so I substituted a watercolor mixing tray instead.

Small project #2

Even though I started knitting a new sweater a few weeks ago I started a new scarf yesterday.  You see, I need something little I can take with me on a car trip we'll be taking this weekend.  I plan to bring the sweater too but I really like having something mindless and repetitive with me in the car because I'll be multitasking, playing dj, keeping the kids busy, passing out snacks.  It is a eight hour drive so between the drive there and back I'm pretty sure I can get it finished.

Don't you want to know where we're going?  It's pretty exciting.  The best part is the girls have no clue.  I'll be posting the surprise destination soon.

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