Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Sewing

I was really, really looking forward to this spring's Kids Clothes Week Challenge but life just got too busy.  I mean sewing kids clothes and sharing them with other online crafty people is right up my alley but sadly it is day seven and I have yet to sew a stitch. 

I've been super busy at work plus we had something every night this week.  Besides all the end of the year events I am also house sitting and had to take my car in because I was rear ended last week.  Never mind the seven birthday parties this month, dentist appointments and ballet lessons, you get my drift.

Long story short, I have no clothes to show but I am happy to share some photos of the wedding my girls were in last night.  Oh yeah, we also had a wedding this week.

They rocked it like pros.

 I had originally planned on making their dresses but that got scratched off my to do list when I looked at my calendar.  These dresses were only $29 each so I got over the idea of handmade pretty easily.

Here we are, the happy family.  I'm feeling pretty relax here because we have survived the week. 

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LoriAngela said...

Wonderful flower girls. I was almost rented out to strangers when I was six (in 1969). I loved the dresses and the flowers. I'm sure there were tears in the eyes of the guests.


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