Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project ReStyle - Week 14

Today I took a boxy pullover that I found at Goodwill for $2.00 and turned it into a simple cardigan.  Even though the days are heating up my classroom is cold.  Layering cardigans with jeans and skirts has pretty much become my uniform.

The hardest part of this project was cutting into a perfectly good sweater.  After that I just trimmed the cut edge with ribbon using the same method as I do when making Lazy Days Skirts.

I thought about putting the ribbon on the outside but I think the sweater will be more versatile just being white and gray.  No one else may see this detail but I know it's there and I kinda like that. 

I think I'm one week behind on my ReStyle Projects.  Not to bad for almost May.

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