Saturday, April 23, 2011

Party Time

We celebrated Erin's 6th birthday in the park today.  Originally she wanted to have a Pinkalicious Tea Party at home.  The decorating possibilities sent my head spinning.  After a little thought though Erin decided that the boys in her class would much prefer a jumping castle so to the park we went. We are still at the invite the entire class stage but I think we'll be moving to smaller parties next year.

Even though we weren't at home I still wanted to decorate.  The tea party theme was out so I used the pastel stripes and polka dots from the invitations as inspiration for the details.  I made scalloped garland and Martha's Pom Pom's.  The salt water taffy bar and goody bags were easy to do ahead of time and were a big hit with the kids. 

I think my favorite part was the cake.  I got the idea here.  

They liked it too.

It was a great birthday.  The more of these I do I realize that planning is key.  There was one last minute trip to the store for more frosting but I honestly woke up this morning with nothing to do but sip coffee and wait for the jumping castle guy.  I think everyone went home happy and tired which sounds like a good party to me.


Sarah said...

Looks like a wonderful party!!!

Sadie from said...

mama ~ you totally raised the bar :)


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