Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tutorials and Project ReStyle: Week 12 Combo

 We are into day four of our spring cleaning and feeling rather pooped so I decided to take a break from the dirt removal and whip up a little gift for my loyal companion.  I noticed some old pillows yesterday when I was going through the linen closet.  I considered tossing them but then thought I could put them to use as a dog bed.  This could be one of my quickest most appreciated sewing projects to date.  I think it took me all of about 30 minutes, and that is with taking pictures.

See, cleaning really tires him out.

30 Minute Dog Bed
You'll need two old pillows and a duvet cover or flat sheet.

Fold the duvet cover (or sheet) in half and place the pillows side by side in the center.

Fold up one side.  (Something tells me he knows this is for him)

Then fold up the other side.  (He can hardly wait)

 I ironed the edges so they would lay flat but I didn't bother with the ironing the whole thing.  It is a dog bed after all.  If you feel the need to make it smooth and pretty go for it.

Pin the sides together so you have the three overlapping layers.

See, this make a big envelope for your pillows.  

Sew up the two side seams with a good 7/8 inch seam allowance and turn right side out.  I admit flipping around was a bit tricky but keep at it until the seams are on the inside and you have a nice pocket.

Insert your pillows...

and you have yourself a dog bed.

This makes a good size dog bed but you could make a smaller version if you fold the sheet in quarters and use one pillow.

30 seconds later.

Two minutes later.  Nap time is over and he's back to guard duty. 

Like I said this is one appreciated gift.  You are welcome Wrigley.  I love you too.

I can't let all this cleaning go to waist so stop by tomorrow for a little house tour.


Kerri said...

Wow, I really need to learn how to sew! The dog bed we have has cost 40 bucks! And I have a ton of old pillows and sheets... Great idea!

Kish Pisani said...

LOVE the dog bed idea. Love the house...the whole thing!

Lia said...

Kerri - You really should learn how to sew. I just started a few years ago and I can't tell you how many things/gifts I've made. If you're looking for a good deal check out overstock.com

Kish - Thank you so much.

Ananda said...

What a great idea. I'm snatchin this. Thanks for the tute! I think you're going to make for a very happy dogfriend in my house with this - she is going to be so full of puppy joy.

PS - Your pup is super adorable. Give puppy pats from me....


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