Saturday, January 15, 2011

Three Years and a Giveaway!

Three years ago today I started my blog with a post about my new sewing machine.  I was so excited and the possibilities of the things I could make with it seemed endless.  Shortly after that I discovered the world of crafty bloggers and I was blown away.  Since then I have picked up knitting again, planted a garden and filled my cookbook with delicious recipes. I am so inspired by the creativity I have found online, it's contagious.

I hope to encourage others who have an interest in learning to sew to jump on board.  I will be posting tutorials or links to tutorials every Tuesday.  So pull that sewing machine out of your mom's closet, borrow one from a neighbor or start looking for good deals on machines (I found mine on Overstock) and start sewing.

Wait... why not start right now with a cute little button hairband.  Grab a button, hairband, needle, thread and scissors. Trust me you can do this project quicker than it takes to make microwave popcorn.

  1. Thread the needle and tie both ends together.  This is a great way for kids to start sewing because the needle can't slip off the thread.
  2. Hold the hairband behind the button and pull the needle out the front of the button then back down the other side.
  3. Pull the needle through the loop of thread and pull tight.
  4. Continue to pass the needle through the button and around the hairband 7 or 8 times until it is secure.  
  5. When you are ready to tie the knot pass the needle under the thread.
  6. Tie a knot by sticking the needle through the loop.  Make several knots to make sure it is secure.
  7. Cut the thread and trim the ends.
It is really so simple it does not need a tutorial but I always like to see how people make things and if you're going to do this with kids the pictures may be helpful.

 I made this one for me with an extra button that came with a pair of pants.

See the pride in wearing something handmade?

Because it is a special day I've decided to send a little gift to everyone who leaves a comment on this post by 12 p.m. tomorrow night, Sunday January 16th.  What are your crafty dreams for this year?  Is there something new you'd like to learn?

Check in tomorrow for my next Project ReStyle post and then join me on Tuesday for another tutorial.

Okay... now go get those sewing machines!


Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd blogoversary. Lets see, my crafty dreams for the year. I'm mid the Citron shawl that you knit this past summer, hopefully I'll finish that soon. I have fantasies of sewing clothes for me as well as my daughter, and making a quilt for her.
I'm not sure whether this counts as crafty, but I want to explore photography some.

Eva said...

I love this blog, Lia. I'm going to have to do some exploring back through your 3 years, and then I'll probably have to go find myself a sewing machine that's easy to start with. Any ideas? You've totally inspired me. Gracias!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lia! This is Carrie from Oklahoma. It's a great blog! I have a sewing machine that I am a little scared of. My goal is to get comfortable using it, because homemade gifts rock. I'd love more gift ideas as well as some ideas for my tabletops that are unique and fun instead of the boring flower arrangements that are on there now.

Kerri said...

I've loved reading about the great things you make (especially when it involves the girls!), and while I'm not a crafter myself, I have definitely used some of your ideas in the classroom. I think my craft goals this year are to try to go to all homemade gifts. I don't really know what that means yet, but I know that of all the gifts I received for baby Max, the homemade ones meant the most.

Mrs. Pivec said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary! These milestones are so much fun, aren't they?

Well, I'm not trying to do something NEW, I'm trying to do it RIGHT! :) I'm working on making sure the sweaters I knit will fit my body, learning how to modify and make adjustments as necessary.

Stephanie Schmitz said...

love all of your projects...cant wait for little miss hannah's hair to get long enough for this sweet little hair do great things!

Catherine said...

Happy three years! Your blog is an inspiration! This year i hope to try out sewing with comfy knit fabrics.

Kim said...

Lia, I love your blog (somehow I got away from reading it...I remember looking at it a while back and I am glad you reposted it on facebook!) Looks like you had a great Christmas and you have inspired me to restart my quilting! Thanks!!! Say hi to Jeff for me!
Kim Dewey

Emily Beutel said...

Lia you are so inspiring! Reading your blog makes me want to find the time to finish Samantha's quilt and do more photography. Now, how to do that with an almost 2 year old and one on the way...hmmm. You are so creative and have such beautiful girls! Thanks for being inspiring. :)

Sushma said...

I love reading your blog! Its so inspiring and also makes me happy to see all the fun and simple things one can take joy in. I love the way you find treasures, upcycle and reuse - that is exciting to me.

This year I want to sew more, learn more basic techniques and become more comforable using patterns. I also want to start a garden and learn to cook more for my family. And do more fun activities with the girls :)

Thanks for sharing your blog!


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