Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project ReStyle - Week 3

My daughter attended a superhero birthday party last week which meant my mission was to come up with a costume.  I quickly discovered there is a serious lack of female superheros but Erin was happy to be Batgirl.  Easy enough.  I wanted to use a Christmas dress that she will outgrow before next year but she insisted that she wanted to keep it so I had to turn to plan B.  Plan B was to find anything black at Goodwill.  This other Christmas dress was similar to hers and just $2.50.  Deal.

The dress was a size 7 and way to big for her so I had to make some alterations.  I held it next to a dress that fits her to estimate the length then just cut across the bottom.  This knit velvet doesn't unravel so I just left the bottom of the dress unhemmed, plus I got rid of the the roses.  Then I turned the dress inside out and stitched a new side seam one inch in on each side to reduce the width.  Finally I made a pink bat iron-on from some fabric in my stash.  I printed off a template for the bat that I found online and used No-Sew Heat and Bond to make the iron on.  I didn't want the roses to show so I just turned the dress around and ironed the bat to the back.  Whola!

I already had the iron-on template cut out so I used it to make a bag for the birthday boy with some items in my discard fabric pile.  This is a huge pile that I hope to be rid of by the end of Project ReStyle.

I have made this bag a dozen times and it is my go to project when I teach sewing.  I'll post the directions this week for my Tuesday Tutorial. If you'd like to try an iron-on for yourself leave a message in my post from yesterday.  I'm thinking I'll make valentine hearts, not bats for my goody bags.

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