Monday, December 6, 2010


Before we get to far in to the Christmas season I need to stop and introduce Marmalade.  This is Erin's sweet little pumpkin that she picked out and colored for Halloween.  She was carted around in a stroller and eventually ended up sleeping in a puffy pink tutu on Erin's bed.  I told Erin that Marmalade is just a pumpkin and once she starts to decompose we'll have to say goodbye to her.  Tears.  Big tears that kept Erin up at night worrying about her poor pumpkin.  I suggested we plant her seeds so we can grow a new pumpkin for next year but the thought of opening her up was even more traumatic.  So Marmalade sits by the door waiting for the day when the Christmas tree comes home and she get set out on the curb. 

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