Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Outfits.

The girls had a school performance yesterday so I took advantage of the green and red to snap a Christmas photo.  It really does amaze how much they change from year to year.  Weren't they just babies?

 This is the only long view I took and it is sort of at a weird angle but it shows the skirts I made them last week.  I thought about buying new Christmas dresses but this $2 fabric and simple red shirts are so much more our style.  I had to make these necklaces I saw over at Enjoying the Small Things.  The flowers have not yet been completed but these days are about letting some things go and moving on. 

Candid photos like these are the best.  I'm glad to have gotten a few good ones to mail to friends and family but it's the 30 outtakes that really make me smile.  I love those goofballs. 
Christmas cards, check.  What's next on the list?


Kerri said...

I love Ava's hair this length, and the bangs to the side, super cute. Those are two cute kids you got there! By the way, I have gotten several comments about my cute apple purse!

Stephanie Schmitz said...

ok. why did i not know about your blog this whole time...i love it lia! i hope you feel better soon. wish i was there in the warm weather this christmas.

by the hannahs hat you made for her, it is perfect!


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