Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Gift

I had some computer problems over the weekend but I am back with the new updated settings (bigger pictures) and lots to share.

A few days ago my in-laws dropped off this bag for me.

It belonged to my husbands grandmother, who recently passed away.  I could tell immediately that I was going to like whatever was inside.

Isabelle mentioned to me once that she wanted me to have her knitting needles but this bag contained so much more.  First of all I loved the shape and fabric, it is sort of a Mary Poppins type bag.  I could tell it was handmade, probably by her, and tucked inside were needles, stitch markers, rulers etc. and several vintage knitting magazines.

New, hand knits from Paris!  How awesome it that.  But wait... there's more.


Oh yes, I might just have to make a sweater from these.  My favorite part is that many of the books have patterns underlined and marked with notes.  I feel very lucky to have been given these and I love them more than the family knows. 

The bag also came with a box of knitting needles.  They are so pretty.  I have them displayed in a vase in my craft room right under my grandmothers quilt.  Passing down from generation to generation warms my heart like nothing else.  Someday, hopefully, when my girls are ready to knit they will learn on these needles.


mel said...

this is so lovely!
i am sure she would be thrilled to know someone else will love these things so much.

Anonymous said...

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