Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not Worth Stressing Over

October will be a busy month for us and just thinking about it is stressing me out. I keep adding things to the the calendar and the To Do list is getting longer and longer. As I was sorting laundry this morning I was running through the list in my head when I realized that many of the things were simply things I wanted to do but are really not all that important.

Take the Kids Clothes Week Challenge for example. I love the satisfaction of making clothes for my kids but do they really need one more skirt in the drawer? Will they run out of things to wear if I don't finish every thing I have planned to make them? No. Do I want to get that pile off my craft room table? Yes, but it does not have to happen today.

I just have to let some things go... like these bananas. I will not be in trouble if these up in the trash instead of made into bread. There will be more bananas.

My knitting is the hardest to scratch off the list. I really, really want to finish this wrap before we take a trip to the Midwest but I'm starting to realize there is just not going to be enough time. I could let the laundry pile up feed my family peanut butter sandwiches for dinner but is it worth it? Knitting should not have a deadline like an assignment to be turned in.

All the baking and sewing and knitting I do for my family is best when done with love, not pressure. I've decided to give myself a break and put some projects on hold so I can focus on things like laundry. Who knows, maybe I'll even put my feet up for a few minutes and not do anything.


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to stressing over the list and the ironic part is that blogging has become part of it. You're definitely looking at things the right way though - must do's vs. have to's.

Cathy said...

Oh, I know these feelings. There are so many things I want to accomplish before my little one is due (3.5 weeks!). I have to remind myself to slow down...

Sister in law Julie said...

That should be my mantra this week.... "NOT WORTH STRESSING OVER"! Thanks for posting this - I can totally relate!


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