Thursday, June 17, 2010

This and That

Here are a quick update on a few things we've been up to this summer.

Today I went through boxes of artwork and school paper that I have been saving for about 8 years. I have Erin's scribbles, Ava's preschool alphabet books, first grade spelling papers... etc. I went page by page and pulled out "the best of" then closed my eyes and recycled the rest. Not fun, but it needed to be done and I feel better having a major item crossed of my list.
The girls are taking swim lessons and both had a great day today. Ava is improving her strokes and Erin and I had about 100 underwater tea parties. Just two days ago she cried because we dunked her 3 times. Amazing what a can happen when you show up rested and full.
Ava cooked her first batch of scrambled eggs all by herself. I remember it was the first thing I learned how to cook too. She was so proud.
Visited the zoo with some friends from my work.
Cut up old t-shirts, ripped pajamas and unsuccessful sewing projects into rags as part of a Craft Hope project. We sent them to the The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies to help clean animals rescued from the oil spill.

The girls are having a great time together this summer (for the most part). Erin has had several "sleepovers" in Ava's bunk.

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