Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 10

"Full Bodied"

Not may favorite photo of the course. These prompts just seem to keep getting harder. I'm not really a still life sort of gal.
Besides the creative prompt we were also given the assignment to focus on our senses. How much do we really see, touch, smell, taste and hear the everyday world around us? The mornings are easy, a nice quiet house and a warm cup of coffee, I am generally pretty good at appreciating this time to myself.

Once the girls are up though life starts moves at a faster pace. Erin's day always begins and ends with a snuggle. She rolls out of bed and crawls up on my lap. I'll gladly put down whatever I'm doing for a little cozy time. Snuggles are always followed for a request for breakfast.

I skipped the cereal this morning and scooped myself some lemon yogurt topped with blueberries. My senses were singing. It was delicious.

After breakfast I headed out to the garden. The zucchini plants fruitless so I'm attempting to hand pollinate them, but that is another story. Anyway, they are surprisingly sharp little plants and I think I may have to add garden gloves to my list of sewing projects.

The day got busy after that with play dates, swim lessons and running errands. I did spend a chunk of time making lasagna, listening to jazz and sipping wine. Not what I normally do on a Tuesday but I was already going to make the lasagna so I just followed Madeline's orders and took it a step further. It took longer than I had planned and I was in a bit of a hurry but I tried to focus on slowing down, breathing and enjoying it. I substituted the chard from our garden instead of frozen spinach which made me appreciate the meal even more.

Finally I ended my day with a fresh bar of lemongrass soap and a shower. Oh, there is nothing like a fresh bar of handmade soap. If I were to rate myself on the days assignment I'd give myself a C+. My day did involve some amazing smells, delicious food, great music, laughter, hugs and sweet faces but I have a feeling I'm missing the subtle things. I'm going to keep trying to slow down, slow down and enjoy more.

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Mary said...

Do you realize how wonderful your work is? I followed a circuitous path a few days ago and found you here. OMG, I love what you are doing. I am in the middle of lots of work with an online contest, and am looking forward to having time to just poke around through your blog posts. Thanks for doing this,


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