Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Open

Today is the first day of The Sunday Creative, found over at Meagan's blog Madeline Bea (here). Each Sunday there will be a word prompt to spark our creativity. I am a little torn between photography and sketching. Sketching once a week, even for 5 minutes with my girls would be a wonderful creative project we could do together. But I had so much fun during Meagan's Creativity Boot Camp that I can't help but take pictures of the word prompt. For example, I'm shucking corn for dinner and looking at the cool patterns in the husk thinking, this would be a good picture for "open". So who knows which direction I'll go, but either way I'm excited to participate.

I drew some simple line boxes to get started in my sketchbook journal. The girls and I did a little brainstorming before we started drawing and we talked about the word open and what it made us think of. We got passed just a picture of an open door and talked about a butterfly opening it's wings, opening a present and a dinosaur with an open mouth. I thought they did a great job with the prompt but honestly I was just happy to have them participate.


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Hopped on over from Sunday Creative. See you next week! Tam

Faith said...

SO cool. I love how you included your girls in this with you!

Anesha said...

Great photo of the corn.

Dorian Susan said...

Great post. I was caught by your photo of corn, but even more delighted when I read your post...and including your children in the fun. I have no kiddos just a dog and cat-the closest they get to participating is rolling their eyes when I make them the subject or slow down the pace of the walk to take "another picture". Thanks for sharing.


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