Monday, June 14, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 8

Ornament was a difficult word for me because my house is fairly minimal and my jewelry is too. I like decorations around the holidays, especially handmade, so I decided to get a jump on fall and make this garland. I saw the tutorial (here) a while ago and loved the idea of pom pom garland. I believe it is in Portuguese, but the pictures make it easy to follow. The circles I used were 2.5 inches in diameter with a 1 inch circle cut out of the center. I used 4 pieces of yarn, each 8 feet long, to make each pom pom.

The fall colors remind me of mums.

I strung them together then placed them on top of the fireplace. Seeing how it is not even officially summer I'll tuck them away for a few more months.

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