Friday, June 11, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 6

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 6]

Today were were asked to take a step away from our usual. It is easy to gravitate toward that creative flow that feels comfortable. We were advised to try something new, unexpected, different. The word prompt was "fluid".
Since I mostly take pictures of family and things around me I thought about shooting a landscape or still life. Those options were not working today so decided to try a new subject and alter my style. After looking through hundreds of photos of blurry fish this one caught my eye. I never take these kinds of photos or do this much post processing. I think it is an interesting shot for "fluid" but somehow it does not feel like me. What does make me happy is that this boot camp is getting me out of my comfort zone.
Here is the first one I picked out. I like the picture, but I think the first one is much more "fluid". Here are a few more from the bunch.

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