Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Love Girl Power

Last fall Ava started taking Kung Fu classes at a small but growing family owned business nearby. Although they hold classes for kids through adults she is in one of several classes designed for girls ages 6-12 called Girl Power. As a mom, I love everything that they are teaching her. I love that she is learning self defense. I love that she is able to work on skills independently at her level but in a social, non competitive environment. Most of all I love the people. They are so warm, funny and genuinely care about the girls. Below is a picture taken at a promotion ceremony several weeks ago. Ava is sparing with one of the owners daughters, Nadine. This fantastic role model would volunteer her time to come work (play) with the girls every week. Nadine just moved to Portland which I think is just so cool (I would move to Portland in a heartbeat). We will miss her but wish her the best of luck in her new adventure.

Here is Mr. Girl Power. Look at how excited he is. How wonderful is that? Mrs. Girl Power is behind the scenes, but trust me she is there smiling and just as excited. The place could not run without her.

And here is my advanced yellow belt who is being taught powerful lessons every week that she does not fully understand the importance of.

"I am special"

"I am beautiful"

"I am smart"

"I am strong"

Their motto. Words that all girls should know and feel.

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