Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pre-K Graduation

Erin graduated from preschool this week. The school had a very nice ceremony in the Pinetree Courtyard where we were entertained by songs, poems and a book about spreading your wings. Erin is very ready for kindergarten but I think it is starting to hit her that it means she won't be in pre-k anymore. She had such an amazing year. A wonderful teacher, great friends and many treasured memories. We were given a book at her graduation of artwork she created during the year. It is no neat to see the growth of your child just by flipping pages in a binder. I caught her proudly looking through it again this morning and I know she'll love revisiting it for years to come.

Thank you Ms. Kerri for taking such great care of Erin and helping her to grow. I know she loves you and will miss you very much. We are already planning trips to come visit.

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