Thursday, February 25, 2010

Changing My Mind

So, after 8 days of 30 minutes or less on the computer I caved. I felt a little bad at first but I have been so productive due to inspiration found online that I am choosing not to dwell on my broken promise for Lent. First of all... a new layout. I gave my blog a makeover thanks to an easy tutorial I found over at Clover Lane. After a little more searching on her blog I came across her post on 40 bags in 40 days. Instead of continuing to scroll through her wonderful posts I shut of the computer and pulled out the trash bags.

2 hours, 3 bags of garbage and a full recycling bin later I'm feeling refreshed. I purged my old magazines, medicine, lotions, nail polish, bath toys and then some. I still need to tackle the kid's room but I'm saving that for another day. For now I am enjoying reduction of clutter. I have also decided not to be so strict with my computer time but to focus on being present with myself and my family during Lent. Taking time to appreciate those small moments like making pancakes for my girls. Especially if that means getting of the computer to do it.

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Lia said...

Ooohhh... I LOVE your new header pics!

It's all about balance, which is SO HARD to keep consistent. I've been trying to just stick to the blogs I've got in my Google Reader and trying not to get sucked into the other billions of blogs out there. I agree with you about finding inspiration. I've tried so many new things because I've seen so many awesome ideas. I just get a little overwhelmed trying to keep my blog going.

Congratulations on all your organizing. That's quite an accomplishment!


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