Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's in my sock?

While I was sewing the other day my three year old came in and asked me...

"What's in my sock?"
"I don't know, a rock?" I responded, only half paying attention.
"Is it a sticker?" (Stickers have been known to pop up in random places around our house)
"No. Do you want a clue?"
It was then I realized we were in the middle of a guessing game.
"It has beans and rice."
"A burrito?"
"No. It's beans and rice."
And then I looked down and she pulls this out.

"Oh, I guess you did have beans and rice in your socks."

The next few went like this.

"Guess what's in my sock"
"It's green and you color with it."

Here is my favorite. She could not really give me a clue for these but the bulge was a little hard to disguise.

You can't plan for that kind of entertainment.

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