Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Starting Spring clothes


I'm not sure when I put this skirt together. It's been sitting in my unfinished pile for awhile. After our string of warm days I was inspired to pull it out again. I created it on the fly without a pattern and it ended up more like a pencil skirt than a twirly one. It was originally made for my youngest daughter but when she couldn't walk in it, it got thrown in the 'opps' pile. Luckily for me I had extra strips already cut out so I just took out the seams and added 4 more panels. Now my 6 year old can wear it which makes me really happy, she is the one in need of clothes at the moment.
This window really is the best light in the house. I think they were more excited about standing on the furniture than the new skirt. I'm excited about another project finished.

Please ignore the frames with nothing in them behind the girls, I do. Someday these will hold lovely pieces of art. Just another project waiting for me.

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