Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Too ambitious?

This stack of Spring freshness will transform into skirts, sundresses and a new apron. That is all but the funky toadstools. I'm not sure what those will be but I had to have them. When the time is right they'll let me know.

The lady at the cutting counter thought I was a bit ambitious but today I got a got quite a lot accomplished.

My first goal was skirts.

The weather is warming up and my oldest has very little that fits her. My mom took the girls to Target for some Spring clothes shopping but many of the items won't fit for a year (or two). I'll save my rambling about getting my kid to eat protein for another day. Anyway, I decided to exchange the larger sized items for a stack of basic t-shirts. There seems to be a preppy, nautical theme out right now which I gladly carried over to my fabric selection. The seersucker and linen are perfect for these lazy day skirts.

By 10:15 I had these three skirts finished and ready for a fitting.

Next up was an apron for me. There are just too many cute aprons out there on Etsy and in blog land. I've really wanted to get one made and this lemon fabric could not wait another day.

Today I was reminded once again that sewing is a learning process.


I decided to toss out the mis-cut side pieces and go with just the center panel. The problem was these wing thingies that were to attach to the sides. After a little more sewing and cutting I think I solved the problem or at least made lemonade out of lemons.

Not perfect, but I'm happy. One day of sewing done. Now, what's left in my stack?

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Jessica said...

That lemon fabric is my favorite-I almost bought more of it the other day.


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