Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Re-Inspired (again)

Here is a look at my updated inspiration board. Lots of color and frilly tops. I would love to make some of these for myself but I'm having enough trouble getting through little sundresses.
On a side note, I got to spent some time in my daughter's first grade classroom today. It was such a treat and I love that it meant so much to her. I was really just stopping by to drop off some lunch money in the cafeteria but a quick hello turned into a lunch invitation and then "please stay for the afternoon mommy". How could I say no. The teacher read a story, they practiced math as a group and then paired up for a science and writing activity. I learned that Ava gets a little lost in the crowd and is happy to sit back and daydream instead of attending to numbers on the board. She is my child. Even as I tucked her in just now she thanked me for spending the day with her. As hard as I try I still need reminders like this to stop doing things for my kids, and do things with them.

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