Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have been wanting to start learning to do circular knitting for months. I set the patterns aside during the holidays so I could focus on the gifts I was making. I even made a few quick scarves so I could get some knitting out of my system. Then after two frustrating trips to Joann's and one more to a knitting shop I finally had all the tools I needed. Now for the last three night's I have sat on the couch and started and restarted my first attempt at a hat. I would forget the stitch marker, run out of yarn while casting on (long tail cast on) or just end up with an unexplainable gap. Not to mention the constant bombardment "Mom!"'s. I realize this is a learning process and I need to be patient but I just want to get started. Let's hope the next post is not a picture of this mangled ball of yarn.

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