Sunday, January 25, 2009

Annie and Heart

Introducing Annie and Heart Rainbow Sprinkles Love.
You will be hearing more about these little ladies as we get to know their personalities better. What we know so far is Annie likes to swing and Heart would like a haircut. While I work on making them some clothes of their own here is the story behind what they have on.

My favorite toy growing up was my Doll, Baby Ann. I still have her and her classic Fisher Price dress (pictured above). When Annie needed something to put on this is what my daughter dressed her in. It fits perfectly. Talk about a heart warming moment. It is amazing when a bond you have with someone becomes tangible in something like this rose covered dress. She has never even liked dolls. Never in her entire six years of life has she shown any interest. I think she has a new love.

The shirt (below on the right) that Erin picked out for Heart also has sentimental meaning. It was one of the handmade preemie shirts that Ava came home with from the hospital. I don't think I've written about the details but she was 3 months early and weighed just 1 lb. 12 oz. That story deserves a post or two of its own. Back to the shirt. I wasn't sure what I was keeping it for, but now I know. It wraps up like a robe so the doctors could easily check all her wires and lines, today it is just perfect for those little fingers learning to fasten. They will get new clothes, I promise, but for now I'm loving these.


Kerri said...

Those dolls are adorable. What a fabulous treasure for the girls.

Lysa said...

Those dolls are so beautiful and look soft. I love their sweet faces.

Jess said...

I saw these on K,C &L Flickr group, and I love the stories about their dresses!
Beautiful job on the little ladies!

Emskyrooney said...

Just came to your blog via the Flickr Wee Wonderfuls group. My heart stopped when I saw the Baby Ann dress! I had a Baby Ann doll too, with the dress! She was my favorite and still sits on my bed at my parents' house. I had NO idea her real "official" name was Baby Ann though- my next door neighbor when I was little passed her down to me.... how wonderful!!! Loved seeing this post!


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