Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Practically Free Halloween Decorations

Time to decorate the house. I can't say that I have a lot of Halloween decorations so the first place I looked was the floor in the girls bedroom and the craft closet.This spooky tree was made from some toys around the house. I took the green leaves off and added spiderwebs, an owl, some mice, a bat, a black cat and of course spiders. The girls and I made these ghosts out of glue the other day. I simply spread out some wax paper and broke out the bottles of glue. All three of us sat there watching the glue run down as we shaped them into ghosts. We let them dry over night and flipped them the next morning. They started to curl around the edges so I place a book on top and let them sit a few more hours. We finished them of with Sharpie eyes and mouth.
This is Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas for my Ava. They look great in the window and are much more translucent in person. Not bad for practically free.

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