Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Handmade Matching Jumpers

This is what fall looks like in Arizona. Halloween is next week and the temperatures are still in the 90's. I know I have mentioned this before, but I am SO ready for the cooler weather. I cannot make soups yet so I have spent my evenings at the sewing machine. I started these little jumpers last week and finished the hem on Erin's dress this morning. They both wanted to wear their new clothes to school so although I didn't plan it my girls left the house in handmade matching jumpers. I'm sorry if you look back and say "Why did mom do that to us?". It wasn't entirely my idea (you did look cute though).
An outfit would not be complete without pink crocks. Plus the girls have requested that I add pockets. I really don't want to put one more thing to my unfinished pile but I have some brown corduroy that would be great for pockets. We'll see if I get to it or just move on.

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CC said...

Those are so dang cute. Since I can't sew, I have to rely on inexpensive stores. I've found that said stores never have matching outfits for a boy and girl. Bummer for Christmas pictures!


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