Monday, April 1, 2013

Eggs and Easter Bunnies

Saturday we prepped for Easter by coloring eggs.  After looking through all the wonderful possibilities on the internet the girls opted for the good old color with crayons and dunk method.

My favorite part of the whole activity was that they shared a chair.  Without a word the two snuggled up on the same seat, side by side, and decorated eggs.

We had a mix of brown and white eggs.  They came out speckled and beautiful, almost too pretty to eat.

Sunday we had two little Easter Bunnies hopping around the house collecting eggs.

I like to keep Easter simple.  I pull out the same ears, baskets and plastic eggs every year.  The girls get excited about their chocolate bunnies and a few pieces of candy and that's it.  We spent the day together making brunch, planning the garden, taking a walk to the park.  Quiet, family time is the best.

Although it is a little early to start planting outside we did put together a terraium for the living room.  The girls were so into it.

Their animals liked it too.

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