Monday, March 25, 2013

Snowflake Bentley

 We started to get snow flurries Friday afternoon as I was driving home from work.  Eight inches of snow was not exactly what I had in mind as we were starting our week off for spring break.

Saturday Jeff shoveled the drive way and drove the girls to a sleepover as I scrolled through Facebook looking at all the pictures of my friends from Arizona in 80 degree weather.  Despite having to put the trip to the zoo on hold I still love the snow.  In fact Erin and I read a book last week that made me love it even more.

I'm not sure where we got this book.  I've seen it on our bookshelf before but the girls stick to their favorites when picking out books.  One night Erin grabbed this, although not the chapter books she's now reading, I was glad it was something new.

The book tells the life story of William Bentley, a man who lived in Vermont in 1865.  He was fascinated by the snow.  When he was a boy he asked for a camera so he could take pictures of snowflakes.  Day after day, month after month, year after year he would take pictures of the snow crystals.  He would give the pictures to friends and family and sold them to travelers from out of town.  Eventually his collection of pictures were published in a books.

I decided to check the library catalog and was so excited when I found they had a copy of his book.

Over 2400 plates of beautiful, unique snow crystals.  They are amazing.  I know that no two snowflakes are alike but I had no idea how diverse they were.

Not quite what we see when we look out the window but it sure is incredible to think about.  Warmer temperatures are on the way.  There won't be many more snowy days until next year.

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