Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our First Big Snow

It snowed all day today.   We started the morning with coffee and whole wheat pancakes as we watched the snow come down.

The cold weather got me in the cooking mood.  I made red sauce, bread, taco meat, enchilada mix, chicken broth and 4 bags of cooked chicken for the freezer.  I'd say a more than a dozen meals prepped and ready for a busy day.  I'm so glad I had everything I needed on hand.

I also decided to take a walk down to the neighborhood yarn shop.  After all those hats I've decided to make my next project a big one.  I want to make a colorful throw to brighten up our living room.  Unfortunately I was not able to find the yarn I was hoping for but it was still nice to look through all their beautiful yarn.

Wrigley had a great time playing in the snow.  He's still a playful pup for an eleven year old dog.  The girls passed on playing outside but Ava is getting over a cold so it is probably a good thing.  I need to find the local sledding hills so we're ready to go when the next storm hits.

It is almost 8:30 and the snow is still falling.  Although we got a foot of snow the roads have been cleared so I doubt they'll close the schools tomorrow.  Bummer, I'd love another busy/lazy day at home.

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