Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saving Dolphins: part one

Ava has decided that when she grows up she wants to help endangered species.

Her love of animals shifts constantly and has currently settled on saving dolphins.  It started with a documentary we watched together on Netflix and now she is driven and focused to save their lives.  (It was not The Cove by the way, which I'm not sure even I could handle watching.)

I wanted to encourage her to do more than simply sending money with the click of the mouse so I did a little poking around online.  I came across Red Letter Day for Dolphins, a page asking people to send letters in support of saving dolphins lives to members of the Japanese government.  They were asking for letters sent in red envelopes on July 1st and 2nd, hello perfect timing,  so they would arrive in mass just before the Japanese national holiday "Marine Day" on July 16th.

The website even offered phrases written out in Japanese.  Can you tell which one the girls chose?

Protect cetaceans. 1あ) クジラ類を守りましょう。 
Keep dolphins in the wild! 野生のイルカは野生のままに。
Dolphin meat is dangerous to eat.  イルカ肉を食べるのは危険です。
Dolphins should not be enslaved for profit.イルカは、利益のために奴隷 にするべきではない
Dolphins are intelligent, social creatures. イルカは知的、社会的な生き物です
Respect your ocean and its sea life. 海も海の生命も尊重しましょう。
Please stop hunting and killing dolphins.   クジラとイルカの殺害をやめて下さい

It took a few stops before we found red envelopes but we got the letters out in the mail today.  As soon as we got home Ava was asking if we could Adopt-a-Dolphin so I quickly set up a new chore chart (like these) with sponsoring a dolphin family as her reward.  Next on her list... making t-shirts.

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