Sunday, November 6, 2011

Down Time

 Ava is away at Girl Scout camp so I've been Erin's buddy this weekend.  We spent a good chunk of the morning playing board games.  I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the slow pace of her turn taking.  It's hard sometimes not to rush the game by saying things like "okay", "it's your turn", "go Erin".    

That smile on her face is a simple reminder that it is all about spending time together, not really the game.

This is her face when she won.  I think she was disappointed because she truly did not want the game to be over.  

Instead of starting over we decided to put in a movie and snuggle.  Knitting and watching Despicable Me with a girl in my lap is down right awesome.  After the movie we took a break to go grocery shopping and now we are going to hit the craft room.  I think we'll finish the day with hot showers and toe nail polish.  One-on-one time together is great but I think we are all looking forward to Ava getting home.  I can't wait to hear about her trip.

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