Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Years Apart

 My girls are three years apart by about three weeks.  My camera is in the shop (boo) so I decided to look back to see what we were up to three years ago.  Here is Ava back in Oct of 2008 and Erin today.  Same missing tooth.  Isn't that crazy.

This picture of Ava below was taken exactly three years ago today.

Here is a picture from Ava's first grade trip to the pumpkin farm.  Erin's class went this week but I didn't get to go.

I love going back through old photos.  It always amazes me how much kids change over just a few years.  Oh those little legs. 

I love remembering things like this super cute haircut.  I really must talk her into this one again.

And pictures like these remind me how much I've grown too.  My first set of dresses and our pre-garden bed garden.  I just passed the little dress down to a friend and now I think Erin can wear the bigger one.

Was this really only three years ago?

I remember this day so clearly.  I picked her up from school and we walked home (maybe 3/4 of a mile).  It seemed like it took forever.  She just wanted to run and spin in the grass while I was thinking about getting dinner on the table.  This picture shows me how strongly my girls just want to play and have fun.  She couldn't care less about what was for dinner.

It won't be long before this one is asking about wearing real make-up.

Okay, enough.  I could look back through pictures for hours but for now it's time for bed.

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Cathy said...

aww, what a lovely post! I could look through old photos for hours too...


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