Thursday, October 6, 2011

Message: Do What You Love

I have see this poster on Esty/Pinterest many many times and it makes me happy every time I come across it.  Although I could create my own version I like to support people who make things for a living so I bought myself a set of these cards.  So I have 4 mini reminders to spread around.  The first card I framed and put on my girl's desk.  I hope they see this everyday and that maybe, unknowingly, the messages becomes part of who they are.  Do we want nothing more than for our kids to grow up and be happy?

I plan to bring one to work and maybe stick one up in the kitchen.  I'm not sure yet but I hope they sink in with me too how important it is to Do What You Love.

Poster/cards found here.

1 comment:

Agrigirl said...

We definitely want nothing more than that. What a great reminder you have put up for them.


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