Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabric Stamps

A few weeks ago I purchased some fabric stamp pads after seeing this skirt.  I used one to make this bag for a friend and could not wait to try another project.  There was a little boy in Erin's class who had a birthday party over the weekend so I whipped up another bag and filled it with a travel game, notepad and pencils.  It was no where near as exciting as the pile of Legos and Transformers but at least I know he does not have a travel bag like this.

 I gotta say, I love how the applique came out. 

 The fabric stamps are from VersaCraft.  I had to order them online because I could not find them in town.  I bought 5 of the 1" pads (these + white) and a full sized black. 

While making the applique I played around with some other stamps and colors.  The small ink pads worked fine even though the stamps were bigger than 1 inch.  I just sort of rubbed the pad over the top (like you would a marker) instead of pushing down on the pad.  (By the way I tried doing the same thing with fabric markers and they didn't work as well, dried too quickly). 

These stamps on fabric have so much crafty potential.  I have not made much for my Etsy shop lately but I'm thinking of adding some bags with these appliques or just the appliques themselves.  Have you tried any new crafty techniques lately?

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