Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Toy Store

My dream job would be to own a toy store with an Anthropologie vibe, so I created one in the corner of my craft room.  I needed a spot to keep my Etsy items so I pulled out a few dusty boxes and bottles that were in the closet and here it is. 

I sort of feel like an eight year old playing pretend but it makes me so happy to look up from my sewing machine and see this little display.

 This red box was a doll trunk that belonged to my mother.  It has been sitting empty in the closet and I'm so excited to put use.  I love the bright red color and the star lined interior, it's perfect.

I have more items to add to my Etsy shop but I haven't finished photographing them yet.  Here is a sneak peek.


Amibeth said...

I am totally like an 8 year old playing pretend when I organize my craft stuff (what fun!)... and like tonight, while I'm reorganizing and decorating my son's room. I LOVE that red chest, so cool. Came across your blog from August Break and look forward to visiting again. :)

Sarah said...

"a toy store with an Anthropologie vibe"--GENIUS. What a cute and inspiring display!


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