Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet The Teacher Day

School starts on Monday but today we got to go in to meet the teachers and see the classrooms.  Ava's teacher was friendly, well organized and served us pancakes.  You can't ask for more than that.

Fourth Grader

We know Erin's teacher because Ava was in her class a few years ago.  She is awesome and we are all happy to have her again.  Erin made quite an impression this morning when she wrote her name in cursive to sign in.
First Grader

It was a great summer but they are excited to be going back to school.  Two more days then it's back to making lunches in the morning and helping with homework at night.  The freedom of summer is good but the structure of school is good too.  I just hope this year does not go as quickly as the last.  They are getting too big too fast.

I've been trying to take more pictures for The August Break this month, so hear it is.  Random I know but life with kids is just upside down some days.

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