Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Fun

We were up in the Mountains for the long holiday weekend.  We do a lot of playing and eating followed by a lot of picking up and dishes.  While the kids play Uno and legos the adults get out their books, knitting and video games.  Jeff always manages to get several bike rides in.

On Sunday we took our camper out for a day trip. 

 Ava summed it up well in her journal.  I love the windy! part.  It was very windy.

The rest of the weekend looked a lot like this.

Although it was good to get away it is nice to be home.  The girls are busy in the craft room and I'm half way through the laundry.  Even though school is out and summer has started my brain in not quite there yet.  Maybe this afternoon I'll grab my knitting and stick in a movie.


LoriAngela said...

Love your coffee table, my dog used to have one just like it. And loved the "list, poem".

Cathy said...

I love the journal!

kt said...

Looks fun, L! Didn't know you had a camper, can we roadtrip as old ladies?

Lia said...

KT - This was the camper that my family traveled in through Europe in 1983. Did I tell you about that? My dad had it fixed up recently. So fun to be back in it again.

The ladies are welcome to travel in it anytime. When is your next trip to AZ? Should we plan a cabin weekend?


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