Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project ReStyle - Week 15

 This week I decided to celebrate Earth Day by making notepads for our kids that serve on student council.  They work really hard to collect our recycling every week so I wanted to say thank you.

Picking up the recycling at my school is no small task.  The kids sort through everything to make sure it can all be recycled.  Apparently  envelopes with plastic windows is on their "reject" list.  If they find one or anything else that is not acceptable your whole recycling bin gets return with a TAINTED label. 

When a friend at work used one of these to leave me a note it reminded me of some craft projects I've seen around the internet.  I began collecting envelopes and transformed them into tiny notepads to give the kids.

I like showing them that not only is it good to recycle but reusing, or ReStyling can be really fun.  After I made the 2 dozen pads I decided they needed a little dressing up if I was giving them as a gift. 

 Right in front of me were 3 leftover napkins from my lunch yesterday.  Chipotle is a wonderful Mexican food restaurant and they also happen to be very environmentally friendly.  I cut the napkins into strips to make bows, kind of like raffia.

I hope the kids like them but even more than the notepads themselves I want the kids to know I appreciate their service and hopefully they will be inspired to look for creative ways to reuse materials.


Kerri said...

Seriously cute idea!!! I love it! Our class will be picking up trash at the park on Earth Day, but maybe we'll add these notebooks! The kids would love to make them. I could even use some of the paper you donated to us!

Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea! How fantastic!

Karen said...

Great idea!
I loved!
Karen (from Brazil)


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