Saturday, April 9, 2011


School and work will be ending next month.  That means big tests ahead, meetings galore and piles of paperwork.  April and May always seem to make me feel overwhelmed and stressed but this year I'm approaching spring with a better attitude.  I've let Mother Nature be my guide and I'm seeking out signs of new beginning and freshness.  Fruit smoothies for breakfast, garden salads for lunch and bouquets of flowers on the dinner table really help overpower the blues.  I'm not longer trying to get through this time of year instead I'm taking time to enjoy it.

Here are a few things blooming right before my eyes.


Sweet Peas

Big Boy tomatoes

White dresses.

Birthday decorations.

A new Citron (details to come). 

How do you feel during this transitional time of year?  Do you embrace the change or are you waiting for brighter days ahead?


Cathy said...

So much garden growth already! Lovely! I'm actually a big fan of the transition seasons. The heights of summer and winter weigh on me more.

LoriAngela said...

Haven't even planted anything yet. Looking forward to the birthday decorations! Spring colours!

Proud Mama said...

I love this time of year. Living in Arizona, I know to look more closely to see the changes. I don't have a garden this year, and I so miss it. Love the yarn you picked. Is it MadTosh?

Lia said...

Yes Proud Mama, it is MadTosh. It is marked as William Morris but I can't find that color way online. I think it may have been mislabeled. Do you know what the color way is?


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