Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutorials

 Garden gloves made from kids pants.
I started with an old pair of ripped pants from my bag of scrap fabric.  Throwing out fabric of any kind is really hard for me so I have quite a stash.  I'm not sure I will ever find a use for it all but this weekend I was glad I held on to these pants.  

If you are making a pair of gloves choose a fabric that has some spandex in it so the gloves fit snug and stretch well.


First pre-heat your iron to a medium setting with no steam.  
Trace one of your kid's hands onto the dull side of piece of freezer paper.

Cut the hand out on the line.  No need for a seam allowance.

Turn your pants inside out (which I did not do) and place the paper hand shiny side down the fabric.  If you are not using a pants leg make sure you have two layers of fabric with the right sides together.  Use the warm iron to secure the hand in place.

Now secure by pinning through both layers of fabric. 

Select a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.  You will want a narrow stitch.

Stitch around the hand leaving the bottom (wrist) open.  Sewing right up to the edge of the paper and move the pins as you go.

Remove the paper and set it aside to use for the other glove.

It is okay if you get a little close and happen to sew through the paper.  Carefully tear the paper, not the thread, when you remove it.

Now you are ready to cut our your glove.

Basically you are finished.  You can leave the edge of the clove unstitched and it won't unravel because it is a knit.  Turn the glove inside out and repeat the same steps for the second glove.

Okay, so brown gloves are good for diggin in the dirt but I thought I'd add a little detail to make them pretty.
I used fabric paint, a stamp, two paintbrushes and a small piece of cardboard.

Place the cardboard between the two layers of fabric.

Apply the paint to the stamp with a wide brush and stamp the fabric.

After I applied the paint to the glove with the stamp I gave it a second coat with a small paintbrush.

I let them sit for several hours to let the paint dry then they were ready to go.  There are endless possibilities with the fabric paint but be sure to follow the direction on the bottle.

There you have it, four gloves and two happy helpers from a pair of old ripped pants.


Prairie Mother said...

What a fabulous idea! We are always losing gloves and these would be perfect to make; I can't wait to try it!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Great idea! I never would have thought of the freezer paper trick, very clever.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!!! I wonder could a mama make a pair for herself too? :)

Kelly said...

Love your idea. Really easy and straight forward. Looking forward to making three little pairs this weekend!


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