Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giftbags and a Giveaway

We are going to another birthday party today, this one with a Lego/Star Wars theme.  I have a stash of these t-shirt bags tucked in the closet so I pulled one out yesterday and stenciled on this little Lego man.  He's so cute, I think I have a crush on him.

I kinda don't want to give him up.  But he's going to a good home and I think he'd rather be filled with Legos or Star Wars figures rather than Littlest Pet Shop toys.

 See ya Lego man, I have a feeling I'll be making more of you.

While posting this I happen to notice that this is my 400th post so to celebrate I'll be giving away this t-shirt bag from my stash. Leave a comment and I'll post the winner (picked at random) tomorrow night.

Congratulations Grow Family Grow, you won the coin toss.  I'll post my e-mail in the comments so you can contact me with your address.


Anonymous said...

I'm ever hopeful.

Kerri said...

Happy 400th post!

Lia said...

Congratulations growfamilygrow. Contact me an e-mail with your address at liakurtin at yahoo dot com so I can get your bag to you.

Thanks so much for playing. I'll send you one from my stash as well.


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