Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutorials

 Here is another quick and easy tutorial link from my notebook.

Simple Knot Newborn Cap by Soule Mama.  In 2009, the amazing and talented Amanda from Soule Mama (here) organized sewers from all over the world to make these caps for Konbit Sante in Haiti.  Over 5000 caps were sent to help lower newborn mortality rate due to hypothermia.  This project has already been closed but you can download the directions (here). 

I made two from an adult sized t-shirt.  You can outline the pattern with invisible ink or washable marker or simply pin the paper directly to the shirt and cut around it. 

I did a little experimenting and used my serger for one cap (left) and my sewing machine for the other (right).
(sorta looks like a bikini, no?)

The one on my sewing machine was actually much easier to do despite it being a knit fabric.  This is a great project to practice those zig-zag stitches on.  If this makes you a little nervous practice on some scraps first to get the hang of it.

After you're done sewing trim around the seams and turn right side out.  Tie the knot at the top and you're done.

Konbit Sante's current project is to provide Safe Birthing Kits to women in Haiti.  If you would like more information here are the links to Konbit Sonte (here) or Craft Hope.

If anyone is interested in creating Safe Birthing Kits let me know and I'll organize a group.

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